Dutch Courage Old Toms Gin


Zuidam Distillery

Small Batch Dutch Gin

Aged in American Oak

40% ABV    70cl

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Product Description

Dutch Courage Old Toms Gin is a sweet flavoured Old Tom Gin, made with juniper, sweet orange, fresh whole lemons, coriander, angelica, liquorice, whole vanilla beans, elderflower and iris root.

Old Tom Gin is one of the first type of gins that originated. It is the missing link between the rich aromas of the original Dutch Genever and the fresh clean feature of the dry gin.

Dutch Courage Old Toms Gin Tasting Notes:

Nose: Spicy and complex with cardamom and juniper but also friendly show of vanilla.

Taste: Lightly sweetened with earthy tones of juniper, vanilla and spicy tones of the wood.

Old Tom’s Gin is ideal for a Martinez or Negroni cocktail.

Dutch Courage Old Tom’s Gin is made according to ancient traditions.

The basic distillate is distilled in a jar still and then re-distilled with 10 ingredients; Juniper berry, elder blossom, iris carrot from Italy. Coriander from Morocco. Angelica, sweet oranges and fresh whole lemons from Spain. Licorice root from India. Cardamom, whole vanilla beans from Madagascar.

The distillates are blended and reduced in potency and then stored for a short period in new American oak barrels. This is done to create an authentic taste profile. In the eighteenth century, bottles were scarce and expensive, therefore, Old Tom Gin was probably stored and transported in wooden barrels, but also poured out of a barrel that also showed Old Tom’s gin of wood.

It is then set aside to mature in American oak barrels before bottling.

The Story of Zuidam Distillers

Zuidam Genever is hand crafted in the traditional distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family. More than 50 years of experience in distilling of exclusive spirits and a constant search for perfection has led to this exquisite line of genevers.

The malted barley, rye and corn used for the Zuidam Genevers are milled by traditional windmills. Using windmills for milling their malted barley the distillery helps preserve the important Dutch heritage of the world famous windmills. Even more importantly the traditional millstones of the windmills slowly grind the malted barley into flour. This traditional way of milling causes almost no increase in the temperature of the grain and thus helps preserve the wonderful aroma’s.

After the careful distillation the Genever is aged in small barrels.  Barrels of American White Oak as well as barrels that have previously held Bourbon or Olorosso Sherry.

Because the new barrels or young barrels are stored in a warm and dry warehouse the Genever ages rather quickly.

The downside is that the evaporation losses are rather high. Typically the “Angels Share” is between 4% and 5% per year.

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