Elijah Craig 12 year old Bourbon Whiskey


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Elijah Craig 12 year old Bourbon Whiskey.


Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged 12 years. 

Elijah Craig 12 year old Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Note;

Nose: Rich and powerful bourbon notes, sweet sherry. Mellow and mature, caramel vanilla sweet spices.

Palate: Balanced taste, spice and oak dryness with a hint of apples.

Finish: A superbly balanced whiskey that promises a lot and delivers.

Tasting note provided by The Whisky Magazine.

Elijah Craig Bourbon History.
Elijah Craig a Baptist preacher from Kentucky is credited with the invention of bourbon whiskey. He was also the founder of Georgetown College, in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Craig was born in Orange County, Virginia in 1738. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1771, however he was imprisoned briefly in South Carolina, they say for disturbing the peace with his sermons.

He then moved to a large region of Kentucky known as Bourbon County, Kentucky and settled in the area of Frankfort in 1785. Two years later In 1787, he became pastor of Blue Run Church.

Craig was a shrewd businessman and a local entrepreneur; he built Kentucky’s first fulling mill, its first paper mill, and founded a distillery around 1789 in Georgetown, Kentucky.

It’s said that Craig’s distillery was the first to age corn whiskey in new charred oak barrels, which is the decisive step in turning moonshine into Bourbon whiskey.


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