Jawbox Belfast Cut Classic Dry Gin


Belfast Cut Single Estate Gin

43% ABV   70cl

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Jawbox Belfast Cut Classic Dry Gin
Ireland’s first Single Estate Gin, harvested, distilled and bottled by hand on one estate.

Angelica Root, Black Mountain Heather, Cardamon, Cassia Quills, Coriander Seed, Cubebs, Grains of Paradise,  Juniper Berries, Lemon Peel, Liqourice Root and Orris Root.

Distilled very slowly in a tradition copper pot still for the best quality spirit and maximum influence from the botanicals after they have steeped overnight in the warmed spirit. While most of the botanicals are ‘steep and boil’, 3 of the botanicals use the vapour extraction method to preserve their delicate flavour and aroma.

Jawbox Belfast Cut Classic Dry Gin Tasting Notes;

Nose; Big, bold juniper and pine notes balanced with coriander and clean citrus.
Palate; Classic gin that becomes more complex on the palate. Starts with citrus and juniper while developing into pepper, green angelica and a subtle rootiness.

Finish; Citrus with lingering juniper and pine finally combines with the quiet complexity of the supporting cast.

Style; Classic London Dry Gin.

The name jawbox derives due to “The Belfast sink” known as the Jawbox.

There was a time when the front door was left unlocked. When the kitchen was the scullery.  While in the tiny scullery stood this big sink. Clothes and dishes and weans got washed there. A lot of craic was heard around a jawbox.  It still is.


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