Ben Wyvis Distillery

Ben Wyvis Distillery & Story

The Ben Wyvis Distillery built in the grounds of Wyhte & Makay’s massive Invergordon grain distillery. Located in the Northern Highlands of Scotland.

This was to supplement malt whisky demands  for Invergordon Distillers Ltd blends. Such as; Glendrostan, Glen Eagle, Highland Pride, Scottish Standard.

Ben Wyvis whisky distillery closed in 1976.

The Ben Wyvis Distillery Equipment

The Ben Wyvis Distillery was equipped with;

Single Mash Tun.

6 Washbacks.

1 pair of stills. Now being used in the Cambeltown Glengyle whisky distillery.

The distillery ceased in 1976 and dismantled the following year.

There where very few bottlings of Ben Wyvis malt whisky:

A Ben Wyvis 1972 single malt whisky bottled in 1989. Distilled Solely From Munton & Fison Malt.

An Invergordon 27 year old in 1999.

Signatory 31 year old in 2000.

Whyte & Mackay 37 year old in 2002.

Invergordon 10 Year Old Grain Whisky

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Ben Wyvis 1972 Single Malt Whisky from

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The Invergordon Grain Distillery

Established in1961 by Invergordon Distillers Ltd. The Distillery occupies an eighty-acre site on the northern shore of the Cromarty Firth in the northeast Highlands.

The local area has some of the best arable land in Scotland for grain production.

Invergordon town takes its name from an eighteenth-century laird, Sir William Gordon.

The Cromarty Firth is one of the best deep-water harbours in Europe and was an important commercial port and naval base.

The distillery was commissioned in 1959 to create employment in the area, following the departure of the Royal Navy.

During 1963 a second pair of Coffey stills were installed this was followed in 1978 with the installation of another larger Coffey still which had additional columns for production of neutral spirit.

At some point in 1988 there was a management buyout at Invergordon.

Invergordon launched a Single Grain whisky in 1990.

The distillery was taken over by Whyte & Mackay group in 1993.

In 1996 ownership transferred to JBB (Greater Europe).

After a management buyout JBB is bought from Fortune Brands changing the name briefly to Kyndal Spirits  in 2001.  Returning to Whyte & Mackay the following year.

United Spirits purchases Whtye & Mackay in 2007. Who themselves are acquired by Diageo in 2014.

Later due to competition concerns. Emperador Inc,  part of conglomerate Alliance Global Group, buys Whyte & Mackay  for £430 Million off Diageo in 2014.

Invergordon Distillery Bottlings.

The Invergordon Single Grain 10 Year Old Whisky.

Invergordon Distillery Independent Bottlings.

Clan Denny.
Dewar Rattery.
Duncan Taylor.