Bladnoch Whisky Distillery

Bladnoch Whisky Distillery & Story

Bladnoch whisky distillery is  lowland region distillery. Located 1 mile southwest of Wigtown, Scotlands Book Centre.

The Bladnoch (BLAD-noch) distillery has always produced light and delicate malt whiskies.

How the Bladnoch Whisky Distillery story began

Thomas and John McClelland established Bladnoch distillery in 1817. It was originally attached to a farm that supplied the local barley. The brothers obtain the distillery License in 1825.

John McClelland rebuilds in  distillery 1871 which passes on to T & A McClelland and Co in 1878.

During the late 1890’s “misfortunes” overtook the whisky industry; there was a reduction nation in the production of barley, coupled with a rise in excise duty and the growth of the various temperance movements.

This forced the other Galloway distilleries to close. Somehow Bladnoch survived.

Between 1911 and ownership was with Wm Dunville & Co. Ltd, an Irish wine and spirits company. After calling in the receivers in 1937.

Ross & Coulter buys the closed the distillery, after the war the equipment is dismantled and sold to Sweden.

However malt continued to be produced until 1949 when the maltings closed.

The Distillery was resurrected as the Bladnoch Distillery Co Ltd in 1956 with new stills.

Another pair of stills was added in 1966.

During the latter part of the 20th century the distillery went through different owners including InverHouse Distillers Ltd between 1973 and 1983,

Bladnoch then passed to Arthur Bell & Sons who modernised the distillery and introduced computerisation.

In 1987 Bells themselves were taken over by United Distillers, who continued the modernization programme.

The Bladnoch 10 year old flora & Fauna Malt Whisky is released.

United Distillers mothballed the distillery in 1993.

One year later Raymond Armstrong an Irish businessman acquired it under the condition that the distillery remained silent.

After careful and prolonged discussion with UDV the condition was amended to a limited output.

The visitor centre was opened in 1998 and to the joy of whisky lover’s limited production commenced in 2000.

The previous owners release  Bladnoch Rare Malts Selection 23 year old Limited Edition.

10 March 2014. Joseph Luke Charleton of Ernst & Young was appointed official liquidator of Co-Ordinated Development Services, the company which operates Bladnoch Distillery.

2015. Australian businessman David Prior rescued Bladnoch thanks to his passion for Scotch Whisky and a desire to restore the heart and soul of the local community and reinvigorate the brand.

Bladnoch is the southern most distillery in Scotland Its water is drawn from the nearby River Bladnoch.

In the pastures around the distillery can be found the Belted Galloway a regional breed of black-faced sheep, which is the emblem on the Bladnoch bottle label during the Raymond Armstrong era.

Bladnoch Whisky Distillery

Founded in 1817 by the McCelland Family
Location Lowland. Southern most distillery in Scotland.
Water Source River Bladnoch.

July 2015 Bladnoch distillery purchased from liquidators.

Bladnoch Whisky Distillery Equipment.

Stainless Steel Semi Lauter Mash Tun.
6 Oregon Pine Washbacks.
2 Tall Pot Stills with boil balls in their necks. Constructed by Blair of Glasgow.
Stainless Steel spirit safe.
Matured in a mix of American oak bourbon and European ex Sherry casks.
In 11 on site warehouses.

The Bladnoch whisky distillery produces a light and delicate malt whisky.

During 2016 the Bladnoch returned with Samsara limited release, Adele 15 year old and Talia 25 year old.

With its periods of closure this single malt whisky  the discontinued whiskies are popular with collectors.

Bladnoch Whisky Distillery Sign
Bladnoch Whisky Distillery

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