Glen Mhor Whisky Distillery

Glen Mhor Whisky Distillery & Story

Glen Mhor whisky distillery  was located  in Scottish Highland region. At Telford Street Inverness on the site of now a retail park close to a supermarket.

The Glen Mhor (glen VHORE) distillery was one of three Inverness distilleries that survived into the 1980’s. All now closed and demolished.

How the Glen Mhor story began

Due to John Birnie, the manger at the Glen Albyn distillery at the time, being refused shares in the Glen Albyn. He quit.

Along with James Mackinlay, they founded Glen Mhor Whisky Distillery in 1892. Employing Charles Doig to build the  new Glen Mhor across the road to the Glen Albyn distillery.

The first whisky was distilled in December 1894.

John Birnie & James McKinley formalised their partnership by becoming a private company in 1906.

The initial distillery set up was with a conventional wash and spirit still. However, a further wash still and a larger mash tun with two more wash backs were added during the 1925 expansion.

The name Glen Mhor means “Great Glen” in Gaelic.

In 1954 Glen Mhor became the first distillery to use Saladin Boxes to malt its Barley. These Maltings ceased operating in 1980.

In 1972 the Distillers Company Limited, who operated the distillery until 1983 when it was mothballed due to low profitability, bought the distillery.

Glen Mhor was dismantled in 1986 then demolished in 1988 to make way for a supermarket.

The history of Glen Mhor is closely linked to that of the nearby Glen Albyn distillery, also closed in 1983.

The third distillery in Inverness, Millburn, was closed in the 1980’s as well

Glen Mhor bottlings are becoming increasingly rare and are much sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts

The Glen Mhor Whisky Distillery

Founded in 1892 by John Mackinlay and John Birnie.

Location; Highland Region, Inverness District.

Water source; unknown.

 Distillery site now occupied by a supermarket and retail park with a Comet and Co-op in the general area.

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Co-op inverness on the Telford Street Retail Park Location for the Glen Mhor whisky Distillery
Co-op inverness on the Telford Street Retail Park Location for the Glen Mhor whisky Distillery
Glen Mhor Whisky
Glen Mhor Whisky

Our Glen Mhor whiskies

Glen Mhor distillery was closed and demolished during the 1980's.

Under Diageo ownership (1972 to 1983) Glen Mhor whisky distillery official bottlings was restricted to the Rare Malt Selection.

There where two vintages; 1976, 28 year old, 1979. 22 year old.

The independent bottlers such as Gordon and MacPhail bottled the Glen Mhor whisky.


Glen Mhor Whisky Distillery
Glen MHor Whisky Rare Malts Selection