Highland Park Whisky Distillery

Highland Park Whisky Distillery & Story

Highland Park whisky distillery is classed as Island region whisky,  located on the southern edge of the town of Kirkwall in the Isles of Orkneys.

The most northerly whisky distillery in Scotland.

The Highland Park (hi-land-parkLimited Editions have become highly collectable Malt Whiskies

How the Highland Park Distillery story began

Records show that a illicit still was established in the area in the 1790’s by a local priest Magnus Eunson, who was linked to illicit distilling and smuggling in the area.

During 1798 the founder David Robertson establishes the distillery. Which is taken over in 1816 by John Robertson, the Excise Officer who had arrested Magnus Eunson some years earlier.

Robert Borwick, a Kirkwall merchant, in 1825 obtains a license for the Highland Park Distillery. The land was served by two strong springs of crystal clear water fed by a pool at Cattie Maggie’s at Greenval.

On 18 August 1826, he acquired the land rights together with the distillery, malt barn, and ‘whole other buildings’ from John Robertson.

Robert’s son George Borwick takes over in 1840. the distillery then goes to his younger brother James in 1869.

Five years later Stuart & Makay join the firm and successfully introduce the whisky to India and Norway markets.

Highland Park has always been a prized whisky. The Glasgow firm of wine and spirit merchants Robertson & Baxter, bought their first consignment of Highland Park whisky in 1879.

Pleased with the result, they took nearly 14,500 gallons in 1881/2, and in the following year just over 19,000 gallons, this represented nearly fifty percent of total output at the time.

In 1895 ownership passed to James Grant of Glenlivet distillery fame, increases the stills from 2 to 4 in 1898. 

1935 Highland Park was acquired by Highland Distillers Co Ltd.

Highland Distillers invest in marketing the Highland Park as a single malt, in 1979, greatly improving sales.

1996 sees the visitor centre opening.

During 1999 the Highland Distillers are acquired by the Edrington group and William Grant & Sons.

The Highland Park Whisky Distillery

Location; Island region, whisky from Orkney. On the southern edge of the town of Kirkwall.

Water Source; Local Springs.

Highland Park Whisky Distillery Equipment;

Traditional floor maltings. The distillery still cuts its own peat, which it uses in its traditional floor malting of the barley on its premises.

Stainless Steel Semi Lauter Mash Tun.

12 Oregon Pine Washbacks.

4 Pot Stills.

2 Slightly larger Wash Stills with blue condensers outside.

2 Spirit Stills with copper condensers, Both sets slightly tapering to the neck with medium bore lyne arms.

26 Warehouses on site or locally available both traditional  dunnage (19) and modern rack houses. Holding 44,000 casks.

Matured in European Sherry casks with some American oak bourbon casks for balance.

Highland Park Whisky Distillery Sign
Highland Park Whisky Distillery logo

Our Top Highland Park whiskies

Take a tour of the Highland Park distillery.

The Highland Park distillery visitors centre is well worth a visit and regularly run guided tours of the distillery throughout the course of the day. A number of the tours include tasting sessions where you can sample some of the drams they have to offer.

Click here for more information on the Highland Park visitors centre

Highland Park whisky distillery Single Malts.

The Highland Park whisky distillery single malts consists of;

12 year, 15 year, 18 year olds with harder to find 25 year, 30 year and 40 year olds sometimes available.

Highland Park releases limited editions such as Valhalla Collection made up with  Freya, Thor, Loki and Odin.

Plus connections with local history and the Vikings Sagas; St Magnus, Svien, Einar, Harald, Sigrud, Regvald. Also Norse mythology starting with Ice and Fire.

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