Inchgower Whisky Distillery

Inchgower Whisky Distillery & Story

Inchgower whisky distillery is located a mile south of the coastal town of Buckie, on the northern edge of the Speyside whisky region.

The Inchgower (inch-gow-er) malt whisky produced is a key malt for Bells Blends.

When bottled by Independent Bottlers the single malt is rich and fruity in style.

How the Inchgower story began

Inchgower Whisky Distillery constructed as a replacement for the Tochineal distillery (1824) near Cullen, which had been closed due to a shortage of water.

Alexander Wilson, the nephew of John Wilson the founder of Tochineal distillery. Built Inchgower distillery in 1871 at Rathven. one and a half miles east of Buckie. To ensure a plentiful supply of water from the Letter burn and Aultmore springs.

The new distillery considered to be a model distillery in those days. When Alfred Barnard visited in 1885 he observed;  “ is of handsome elevation… the buildings which are of stone and slate are erected in the form of an oblong quadrangle and cover nearly four acres of ground…. A modern work, and is fitted up with all the latest improvements of machinery and vessels.”

The distillery went into liquidation in 1929, eventually purchased by the Buckie Town Council some time in 1933 or 1936? (Two dates found) for £1000. (=£64,500 at todays values). This included the family home, Arradoul House.

The council sold the distillery to Arthur Bell & Sons in 1938 for £3000 (= £184,800 at todays values). Who had recently (1932) taken over  Peter Mackenzie & Co. (Distillers) of Edinburgh and its two distilleries of Blair Athol and Dufftown for £56,000.  (= £3,511,200 at todays values)

In 1966, the distillery was refitted and its working capacity increased. The number of stills was doubled from 2 to 4.

Guinness acquired Arthur Bell & Sons in 1985. Guinness evolved to become United Distillers a few years later.

Only 1% of the malt whisky produced is sold as single malt, the remaining whisky is used in the Bell’s, White Horse and Johnnie Walker blended whiskies.

Inchgower Whisky Distillery

Founded in 1871 by Alexander Wilson.

Location; Speyside region. Northern coast Buckie.

Water source; Springs in the Menduff Hills.

Inchgower Whisky Distillery Equipment;

Stainless steel semi lauter mash tun.

6 Oregon pine washbacks.

2 pairs 4 pot stills.

Matured in American oak bourbon casks in on site warehousing.

5 Dunnage, 4 racked warehousing. Majority of the spirit is matured off site.

Distillery editions;

Flora & Fauna 14 year old.

Limited Edition, Rare Malt Selection. 22 year old, 27 Year Old.

Single Cask; 1993 vintage Sherry Cask

Inchgower Malt Whisky Flora & Fauna Label
Inchgower Whisky Distillery

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