Kininvie Whisky Distillery

Kininvie Whisky Distillery & Story

Kininvie Whisky Distillery is located in the Speyside whisky region of the Scottish Highlands. Hidden away behind the Balvenie Distillery.

Built in  1990 to provide Grants with a malt whisky for their blends not as a single malt in own right.

The Kininvie whisky distillery has released very limited editions single malt whisky under the Hazelwood label.

In 2013 the Kininvie Single malt whisky was launched initially in Taiwan.

How the Kininvie story began

The distillery name comes from the nearby Kininvie (kin-in-vee) estate. Built in 1990 by William Grant &Sons Ltd next to their Balvenie and Glenfiddich distilleries.

Kininvie whisky distillery consists of a still house.  The worts for distilling are produced and fermented at the Balvenie mash house, which is 200 yards away and piped to the still house at Kininvie.

The distillery is operational 24 hours a day seven days a week, and is one of the most modern distilleries in operation.

A state of the art distillery with a computer control room that can run everything without a need to go into the still house, except when the stillman makes his cut.

All the equipment is controlled by using the mouse and clicking on the different graphical displays of the stills and heaters etc.

The spirit produced is almost entirely going for William Grant’s blends among those Clan MacGregor.

In 2005 and 2006 it contributed to the Blended Malt Whisky MonkeyShoulder. This was a triple malt a vatting from Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie single malt whisky.

Not normally available as a single malt it has made an appearance as limited edition commemorative  bottlings:

1st  release- Hazelwood Centennial Reserve (2001) –

The Centennial Reserve was actually a blend from 100 casks in 2001

This bottling was a limited edition of 2001 bottles and was given out to selected staff members. in celebration of the one hundredth birthday of Janet Sheet Roberts. Granddaughter of William Grant.

2nd release – Hazelwood Reserve 105 15 year old (2006) ) were only officially made available to selected employees.

Kininvie Hazelwood 105, 15 Year Old

Official bottling of single malt Kininvie. First fill sherry, bottled 1st August 2006 in celebration of the 105th birthday of Janet Sheed Roberts; 

The bottle is numbered and signed by the Malt Master David Stewart and distributed among Willliam Grants Staff.

Hazelwood Reserve 107 17 Year Old Whisky.

The First Public Release.

a Limited Release of only 500 bottles.

Distilled 9th August 1990 – In Cask 10th August 1990

Out of Cask date – 28th February 2008.

However the whisky is in the Blended malt whisky “Monkey Shoulder”.


Kininvie Whisky Distillery

Built in 1990 by William Grant & Sons Ltd.

Location; Speyside Region, Central district Dufftown.

Water source; Conval Hills. 

Kininvie Whisky Distillery Equipment.

Stand alone  Still house,

Three Wash Stills.

Six Spirit Stills

The worts for distilling are produced in dedicated equipment at the Balvenie Distillery.

This includes a stainless steel full lauter mash tun located next to the Balvenies mash tun.

Feeding ten Douglas fir washbacks located in two mash rooms next to the Balvenie washbacks.

Kininvie Whisky Distillery
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Kininvie whisky distillery not open to the public.

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