Macduff Distillery Deveron Malt Whisky

Macduff Distillery & Story

The Macduff Distillery is located in the Eastern Scottish Highlands close to Aberdeen. Situated to the east of the town of  Banff on the east bank of the River Deveron, about half a mile from the Moray Firth.

The distillery does not bottle under its own name but takes the title from the local river. Using either Glendevron or The Devron for it single malt whiskies.

The Macduff (mack-duff) distillery house style is a soft fruity creamy malt whisky.

How the Macduff Distillery story began

The distillery founded in 1960 by a consortium of businessmen which included George Crawford, Morty Dykes and Brodie Hepburn. Named the Macduff Distillers Ltd. Production starts in 1963.

Extended from two to three stills in 1966 and to four in 1968.

Acquired by William Lawson Distillers  in 1972,  part of the General Beverage Corporation, the Luxembourg Company that managed Martini & Rossi’s global interests.

A fifth still is added in 1990.

Three years later Bacardi purchases Martini & Rossi with William Lawson. The Maduff Distillery is transferred into the subsidiary John Dewar & Sons.

The Royal Burgh Collection of Glen Devron 16, 20 and 30 year old is released to travel retail outlets in 2013.

Two years later The Devron range of 10, 12 and 18 year olds are added.

Macduff is one of the few distilleries to give its single malt a different name from its own. The malt takes its name from the nearby River Deveron from which it drawn the water used for cooling in the production process.

The Gelly Burn is the distilling water source used by the distillery.

Independent bottlers do market the whisky, including miniatures, under the name of Macduff.

Major component of William Lawson blends.

The Macduff Distillery

Founded in 1962 by a business consortium.

Location; Speyside region, Northeast district south of Banff.

Water source; The Gelly Burn.

Macduff Whisky Distillery Equipment.

Lightly peated malt Barley.

Stainless steel semi lauter mash tun.

9 Stainless steel washbacks.

2 wash stills. 3 spirit stills. To fit the stills into the stillhouse four of the Lyne arms angled upwards and one of the washstills is U shaped.

Macduff Distillery Devron whisky
Macduff Distillery
Macduff Distillery Produces GlenDevron and the Devron Whiskies
Macduff Distillery Glen Devron malt Whisky
Macduff Distillery Glen Devron malt Whisky

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