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Speyburn Whisky Distillery & Story

Speyburn whisky distillery is located in the famous Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands.

The Speyburn (spey-burn) Distillery is situated in a valley less than a mile north of the Scottish town of Rothes.

There is a timeless feel with an air of serenity, the type of place where whisky was meant to be made.

Speyburn distillery house style produces a light delicate malt whisky.

How the Speyburn story began

In 1897 saw the Speyburn whisky distillery established by John Hopkin & Co. Consisting of brothers John and Edward Hopkin with their cousin Edward Broughton also owned the Tobermory distillery at the time.

The distillery itself has a compact layout, due mainly to the geography of the land. Charles Doig, designed the distillery using height as opposed to width. The total building cost came in at £17,000 = £14.04 million at today’s values.

Initially operating as the Speyburn Glenlivet Distillery Company. The Speyburn Single Highland Malt whisky was first produced on the 15th December 1897, the diamond jubilee year of Queen Victoria.

To make sure that whisky was distilled in the jubilee year, men worked through the night in a heavy snow storm in a still house without windows, managing to bond one single butt of 1897 Speyburn.

In 1916 John Hopkin & Co is bought by the Distillers Company Ltd (DCL).

Distilling is halted in 1930, restarting four years later.

DCL transfers the distillery to Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD) in 1962.

Six years later the distillery’s own maltings are stopped.

Inverhouse distillers buys the Speyburn distillery in 1991. The following year a 10 year old single malt is released.

During 2001 Pacific Spirits purchase Inverhouse for $85 million.

A 25 year old solera is released in 2005.

International Beverage Holdings take over Pacific Spirits UK in 2006. Three years later the Speyburn Braden Orach (No Age Statement) is released.

Very little changed over the 100 years up until 2014.  With most of the original features still intact – indeed were still being used, although the maltings were no longer in production since 1968.

Then the owners started a £4 million expansion project finished in 2015.

The Speyburn Whisky Distillery

Founded in 1897 by John Hopkins & Co.

Location; Speyside region, Central District north of Rothes.

Water source;  Granty Burn.

Speyburn is the only distillery to use the fresh spring water of the Granty Burn, one of the major tributaries of the River Spey.

It is this soft Speyside water that is acknowledged as a distinctive characteristic in the unique flavour and bouquet of this classic single malt.

Speyburn Whisky Distillery Equipment;

6 ton stainless steel mash tun.

4 Oregon pine washbacks + 15 stainless steel washbacks. Fermentation time 72 hours.

1 wash still with a shell and tube condenser. 

Feeding two spirit stills with worm tub condensers.

80% of Speyburn malt whisky is tankered away to be filled at Inverhouse’s headquarters at Airdrie.

The remaining spirit is filled into casks and stored in the remaining warehouse for single malt use.

This warehouse is fitted out on two floors and use wooden rails and tables to store casks two and three high.

Speyburn single malt whisky core range consists of the “Bradan Orach” no age statement and the 10 year old.

The Speyburn is a light delicate Malt Whisky. With tones of Green apples, honey, lemon and floral vanilla spices.

Speyburn whisky distillery
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Speyburn Whisky Distillery

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