Tamnavulin Whisky Distillery

Tamnavulin Whisky Distillery & Story

Tamnavulin whisky distillery is located in the southern area of the Speyside whisky region.

Situated in the village of Tomnavulin next to a old wool mill.

The Tamnavulin (tam-na-voo-lin) is the only distillery to be actually built on the banks of the River Livet.

Nearly all distilation goes for use in blended whiskies, especially Whyte & Mackay.

However, in 2016 a Tamnavulin doube cask malt whisky was released. First matured in American oak barrels. Followed by a further maturation in Sherry casks. This is a 

How the Tamnavulin Distillery story began

Tamnavulin whisky distillery built in 1966 by Invergordon Distillers. 

Originally known as Tamnavulin-Glenlivet Distillery Company later dropped the Glenlivet from its title.

Tamnavulin means ‘mill on the hill’ in Gaelic, The old wool mill was turned into a visitors centre and the waterwheel that powered the machinery was restored.

In 1993 Whyte & Mackay bought Invergordon Distillers, with the mothballing of Tamnavulin Distillery following in May of 1995.

The visitor centre was closed in the 1990s probably 1995 when the distillery was mothballed.

In 1996 ownership transferred to JBB (Greater Europe).

The distillery operates for just six weeks during the 2000 season.

After a management buyout JBB is bought from Fortune Brands changing the name briefly to Kyndal Spirits  in 2001,  returning to Whyte & Mackay the following year.

United Spirits purchases Whtye & Mackay in 2007.  During July the distillery returns to production.

Diageo aquire United Spirits in 2014.

Later due to competition concerns Emperador Inc,  part of conglomerate Alliance Global Group, buys Whyte & Mackay  for £430 Million off Diageo in 2014.

The distillery releases a Tamnavulin Double Cask in 2016.

The whisky produced is used in Whyte & Mackay, Mackinlay and Crawfords Blends

The Tamnavulin Whisky Distillery

Built in 1966 by Invergordon Distillers

Location; Speyside region, Central District Tomnavoulin.

Water Source; Springs at Easterton. Stored in an underground reservoir before being pumped to the distillery via an underground pipe. The water from the River Livet was used for cooling purposes only.

Tamnavulin Whisky Distillery Equipment;

10.7 tonne full lauter stainless steel mash tun.

9 stainless steel washbacks fermentation time of 48 hours.

3 pairs of stills.

16 mashes per week equal to 3.5 million litres of alcohol a year.

Matured in American oak bourbon casks in 2 modern rack warehouses.

During the 1990s a Tamnavulin 1o year old single malt whisky was released. This was replaced by a 12 year old as stocks dwindled due to the mothballing.

These bottlings can sometimes be found amongst our discontinued whiskys.

In 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary a Tamnavulin doube cask malt whisky was released. First matured in American oak barrels. Followed by a further maturation in Sherry casks. This is a 

Tamnavulin Whisky Distillery
Tamnavulin Whisky Distillery

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