Collectors Rare Whisky

Collectors Rare Whisky

Collectors Rare Whisky.
These pages are for those who collect malt whisky or just want to try something rare. We have split this up into four sections:

New Distilleries

Early releases from a selection of some of the newest distilleries from around the world.

Closed Distilleries

Whiskies from now closed, often demolished. Find these whiskies in our Closed Distilleries section.

Discontinued Whisky

Older style packaging, Vintage or age statement. Find these whiskies in our Discontinued Whisky section

Limited Edition Whisky

Limited availability or numbered bottles. Distillery only editions, Festival limited  editions.
Find these whiskies in our Limited Editions Whisky section

Old and Rare Whisky.

Over 20 years old, pre 2000 distillation date. Pre 2000 bottling date. Find these whiskies in our Old and Rare Whisky section