Investment Whisky

Investment Whisky

Things to look out for:-

Is the Distillery still operational?

This can fall into two categories,

Closed and demolished distilleries that will never produce again, and mothballed distilleries that are closed but have the capacity to be brought back to life.

Limited Edition or Limited Release Whisky.

Limited editions often state the number of bottles produced, with some individually numbering the bottles.

Are the bottles produced by the owners of the distillery?

Distilleries own bottlings tend to be more popular with collectors.

Independent bottlers often use single casks at a time. This makes the number of bottles produced seem small, but they could release cask after cask.

Some closed distilleries are only available from independent bottlers, these often have great potential.

Vintage Dated Bottles.

Distillation dates on bottles always appear more attractive as time moves on (especially as you progress into a new decade).