Grain Whisky

Grain whisky production is a continuous process in a Coffey style still. Using un-malted cereals that can be bought on price.
Single malt whisky is a batch process in stills that are similar to a giant kettle that have to be charged, operated and then cleaned in between batches. Using only malted barley, an extra process that adds to cost. The distillation is also carried out twice. First time in a wash still then repeated in a spirit still.
Because of the way the grain distillation works the grain spirit produced is lighter in body and matures quicker than malt spirit. Also the light grain spirit does not have the influence of kiln or smoke dried malt barley. Producing lightly flavoured whisky ideal for a cheaper infill used in blended whisky.
Some grain whiskies are just too good to be lost in blended whiskies,  so these are released on their own often as single grain whisky.
David Beckham has added is name to Haig’s Club whisky.
The Scottish grain distilleries are; Cameron Bridge, Girvan, Invergordon, North British, and Strathclyde.
There are several now closed distilleries; Caledonian, Cambus, Carsebridge, Dumbarton and Port Dundas,
Because of the increased rarity of Scottish grain whisky, we have added some other countries grain whiskies.