Other Scotch Whisky

Other Scotch Whisky.

The first selection is for whiskies that have been bottled at above 50%Abv or actual cask strength.

Also on this page are the other four styles of Scotch whisky: Blended Malts, Grain, Deluxe Blends, Whisky Liqueurs.

Deluxe Blends; these whiskies are made from blending flavourful malt whiskies with the cheaper continuous grain whiskies that are used as infill, a good rule of thumb the more Malt content in the blend the higher the price.

Blended Malts; this category used to be known as vatted or pure malts, carefully blended from malt whiskies to create a regional or tasting style. please note there is no grain whisky involved.

Grain; some grain whiskies are just too good to be lost in blended so these are released on their own often as single grain.

Whisky Liqueurs; often based on malt whiskies where honey, sugar, botanicals have been added, some of these liqueurs have been created from long standing tradition recipes.