Blended Malt Whisky

Blended Malt Whisky.

Made up of 100% single malt whiskies from more than one distillery. No grain whisky involved.

This category used to be referred to as a vatted or pure malt whisky. However some label confusion arose and the official category became know as “Blended Malt”.
There are three distinct types of  Blended Malt whiskies, either a brand; (ie, Sheep dip), regional (ie, Islay), or tasting style (ie, Smokey).

A careful creation by master blenders wishing to create a distinct malt whisky from more than one distillery, as a brand.

Distinct single malts often assembled from several distilleries within a particular region to illustrate the local regional style.

Or single malt whiskies carefully selected to create a  tasting style. Such as rich fruity full bodied, malty honeyed or smokey peaty.