Island Malt Whisky

Island Malt Whisky Region;
Traditionally known as Highland whiskies the development of the sub- Island region allows a more convenient, understandable way to locate these whiskies. The single Malt whisky produced vary from light citrus to Heather peat.
From North to South the Island Malt Whisky are from the Islands of:
Orkney, Highland Park, (heather and peat), and Scapa gentle fruit).
Lewis Outer Hebrides; Abhainn Dearg. New Distillery stock maturing.
Inner Hebrides. Skye: Talisker. (pepper and peat).
Mull with the Tobermory (citrus malt) or peated Ledaig. Both from the same distillery at Tobermory.
Isle of Jura, Jura( malt slight peat).
Isle of Arran, Arran (creamy light style),