Gin is a strong spirit liquor with a predominant flavour obtained from juniper berries. Our expanding range of  gins  being produced by new generation craft distillers  are often only available in small batch quantities.
These companies are not interested in the mass volume of the big distillers that are found in the supermarkets. They are keen to establish their  “style” with a quality product that consumers will come back for.

Distillation can be by Pot Still or Column Still. There are three defined types of Gin. As a simple guide;
A juniper-flavoured spirit made by simply adding approved natural flavourings to a neutral spirit of agricultural origin.
Distilled Gins are obtained from re distilling neutral spirit, of agricultural origin, with the presence of juniper berries and of other natural botanicals added to the process.
London (Dry) Gin is distilled from ethanol of agricultural origin. the natural plant ingredients added in a re-distillation.  Sweeteners and colourants cannot be added.