Light & Delicate Whisky

Light & Delicate Whisky

Light and Delicate Whisky

These whiskies can have delicate, floral, grassy notes, gentle malt, delicate fruits, honey notes with no noticeable peat content. This is just a small sample of tasting notes of whiskies in this category; they may have one, more or all of these attributes.

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Single Malt Scotch Whisky can be defined by tasting style. To assist your choice we have selected and sorted single malt whiskies with a distinct taste profile, from the soft delicate whiskies to the heavily peated phenolic whiskies and put them into pages that describe them best:

This we feel will make it easier for you to choose something of a similar character to what you like, but enable you to try something new. If looking for a gift for someone that you know has a particular favourite but want to pick something different, yet close in style?
Please bear in mind that our  whisky by taste guide is subjective. and is just a tool to point you in a taste direction.