AnCnoc Single Malt Whisky 12 year old 1990’s


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AnCnoc Single Malt Whisky from the Knockdhu distillery.

An old bottling of An Cnoc 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky probably from the later  1990’s.

The whisky produced was originally called Knockdhu,  However in 1994 it was renamed anCnoc to avoid confusion with the similar sounding Knockando single malt whisky.

40%ABV,  70cl.

Location Highland region, northeast district Huntly.
Water source Local springs on Knock hill.

AnCnoc Single Malt Whisky Distillery Style Tasting Notes;

Nose: Light, fruity, grassy, faint peat smoke.

Palate: Very light bodied, creamy on the palate, subtle traces of fruit, sweet, vanilla.
Finish :Creamy and sweet.

Founded in 1894.

The Knockdhu Distillery, from which anCnoc comes, was founded in 1894 following the discovery of several springs of the purest, crystal clear water on the southern slopes of the Knock Hill.

Situated beneath the Knock Hill, known to local villagers by its Gaelic name of anCnoc. Transformed by the Scottish wind and heather, the Knock Hill appears black from a distance, hence the Gaelic name Cnoc Dhubh, from which Knockdhu originates.

Further information about the Knochdhu Distillery Click Here.

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