Ardbeg 1975 Signatory 18 year old Vintage Malt Whisky


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Ardbeg 1975 Signatory 18 year old Vintage Malt Whisky.

53.9%Abv Cask Strength, 70cl.

A very rare bottling of Ardbeg Single Malt Whisky.
Matured in oak cask for 18 years.

Ardbeg 1975 Signatory Details.

Bottled at natural cask strength.

Distilled on: 5.6.75   Bottled 07.93.

Cask No: 2462.

Bottle number  108 of 260.

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Signatory Independent Bottlers.

Founded in 1988 by the Symington Brothers. The name of Signatory came about because their initial intention was to find someone famous to sign the labels for bottles, produced from one single cask. The first cask purchased was a cask of 1968 Glenlivet, which was sold long before they found a famous person.

For the first four years they operated from a bonded warehouse in Leith, before they moved to the Newhaven (Edinburgh) in April 1992.

Here, they were granted a licence to bottle their own products on site. They set-up a small line bottling system, primarily geared towards the bottling of single casks.

To add to the exclusivity of their bottlings, they often declare the cask number, date of distillation, and date of bottling on the labels. In addition, each bottle is individually hand numbered.

On the 22nd of July 2002 Signatory became owners of Edradour, Scotlands Smallest Distillery.

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