Ardbeg Lord of the Isles



25 year old

Islay Single Malt Whisky

46 % ABV   70cl

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Product Description

Ardbeg Lord of the Isles 25 year old limited edition Malt Whisky

Light gold in colour and powerful in character; this supreme expression of Ardbeg celebrates a period in Scottish history which saw Islay as the stronghold of Somerled, the Lord of the Isles.

Beautifully packaged and presented in a burnished green case, this whisky is exceptional in every way.

Colour:- Light gold.

Nose:- Deep, rich and sweet: the sweetness of chocolate, marzipan and cherries surrounds a deep and peaty centre revealing the warmth of leather and a heady oily characteristic. Beneath the oil, cocoa and a rich maltiness are discovered.

With water, the flavour spectrum is widened as both smoke and salt emerge from the sweet and peaty complexity giving woodsmoke, tarry rope and leather. Later, the delicacy of mandarin fruit is discovered, followed by hints of heather and lavender scent.

Taste:- Powerfully peaty and chewing, with a luscious silky and oily mouthfeel balanced by a mouthwatering effect. The taste is initially sweet with vanilla and chocolate giving way rapidly to a crescendo of peat and cocoa.

Finish:- Long and dry with chocolate malt and crushed peat resting satisfyingly on the palate.

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