Ardmore Legacy Single Malt Whisky


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Ardmore Legacy Single Malt Whisky.

40%Abv, 70cl.

A unique expression of the Ardmore; A marriage of peated and un-peated single malt whisky.

Replacement for Ardmore Traditional.

Ardmore Legacy Single Malt Whisky Tasting Notes;

Light, silky peat smoke and creamy vanilla. Balanced with sweet honey & Spice.

Peated yet perfectly balanced.

Award Winning Whisky

International Spirits Challenge. 2016. Gold.

Ardmore Whisky Distillery.

Founded 1898 by Adam Teacher.
Location; Speyside Region, Southeast district.
Water Source; Local Springs.

The Ardmore distillery is located in the far southeast of the Speyside region, founded by Wm Teachers & Sons in 1898. Constructed during one of the industry booms at the end of the 19th century.

It was of modern design at the time; the entire distillery powered by a single steam engine. The Inverness Aberdeen railway ran alongside the buildings making it convenient for the transport of supplies of barley and coal. Until 2002 the stills were heated by the traditional coal fired furnaces, but like most other distilleries they use internal heating now.

This distillery isn’t the first distillery to carry the Ardmore name, between 1817-35 there was the Ardmore’ distillery on Islay until it was incorporated into Lagavulin in 1835.

More information about the Ardmore Whisky Distillery.

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