Ben Nevis Port Wood Finish Whisky

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Ben Nevis Port Wood Finish 13 year old Whisky

61.6%ABV,  70cl.

Ben Nevis Port Wood Finish.

This Single Malt Whisky first filled into refill hogsheads on the 9th November 1990.

After 13 years the whisky is transferred into a port bodega butt. Number 03/10/01 on the 12th February 2003 and allowing the whisky to mature for a further 12 months.

During this time it absorbs the sweet flavour of the port and took on this unusual yet lovely deep ruby red colour.

Hand numbered bottles of 800 in total and signed by the distillery manager Alex W Ross.

Founded in 1825 by Long John McDonald. A 6ft 4in descendant of a ruler of the western Scottish kingdom of Argyll. Making it one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland.

The Ben Nevis distillery is located in the Highlands region, western district at the foot of Scotland’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

The water to make the whisky is from the Allt a’Mhuilinn (the Mill Burn). That originates as snowmelt from the mountain. It could hardly be purer or colder.

More information about the Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery Click Here.

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