Benriach Single Malt Whisky 10 year old (old style)


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Benriach Single Malt Whisky 10 year old (old style).

43%Abv 70cl.

Speyside Region, Lossie district.

Only official bottling of Benriach under seagrams ownership.

Benriach Distillery Co.

Bottled in the 1990’s In Original Box.

BenRiach Single Malt Whisky Tasting Notes;

Nose:Light, malty, perfumed.

Palate: Very light and delicate. Barley-sugar sweetness, citrus fruits, oak and spices.

Finish: Vanilla, oak, honey.

This old style bottling is one defiantly to collect BenRiach Malt Whisky Distillery History.
The BenRiach Distillery established by the Grant Family in 1898. Next door to the Longmorn Distillery. locally BenRiach sometimes referred to as ‘Longmorn 2’.

2004 New Owners.
BenRiach acquired by an independent consortium, headed by Scotch Whisky industry veteran Billy Walker.

On the 7th of August 2004 the first bottling of BenRiach under the new owners takes place; BenRiach ‘Heart of Speyside’, 12, 16 and 20 years old, and the peated 10 years old are all bottled for the first time.

More information about the BenRiach Whisky Distillery Click Here.

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