Bourbon Legends Gift Set


Small Batch American Bourbon Whiskey 

Miniature Gift Set Containing

1 x Knob Creek Bourbon 50%        5cl
1 x Booker’s Bourbon 63.4%          5cl
1 x Baker’s Bourbon  53.5%            5cl
1 x Basil Hayden’s Bourbon 40%  5cl 

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Product Description

Bourbon Legends Gift Set comprising of four small batch Bourbon Whiskey miniatures.


Created by sixth generation Master Distiller Booker Noe, Baker’s Bourbon was created in honour of the Grandnephew of Jim Beam, Baker Beam.

Basil Hayden;

Created by Master Distiller Booker Noe,  Drawing on the high rye content bourbon recipes of early Kentucky distillers this is a tribute to one of Kentuckys first distillers, Basil Hayden.


Inspired by a 200 year tradition this bourbon is Bookers Noes Signature Bourbon.

Knob Creek;

Named after the small creek located just south of the distillery. It upholds the standard of what a great bourbon should be.

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