Bowmore 22 year old Blue Ceramic


Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Seagull Ceramic Blue Bottle and Presentation Box

Probably bottled 1990’s

43% ABV   70cl

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Bowmore 22 year old Blue Ceramic Single Malt Whisky.

Islay Region, Loch Indaal district.

43%Abv, 70cl.   Distillery Limited Edition.;

Bowmore 22 year old Blue Ceramic Single Malt Whisky;

Colour; Rich amber gold
Nose; a Toasted  malt with sweet fruits.
Palate;  light smokey peat and classic Bowmore sweetness.

Rare blue ceramic bottle with two gulls screen print in matching blue. Heavy card box, resting in white chiffon type lining.
Comes with the Gulls Legend written inside the lid.

“Legend has it that a pair of gulls fly ceaselessly above Loch Indaal, on the shores of which lies the Bowmore Distillery.

When the Scots spread from their Irish homeland to create the Kingdom of Dai Riada. The Pictish and Brythonic tribes who already occupied Scotland resisted fiercely. Much blood was spilt as war raged between the Celtic enemies.

Cara, a daughter of Brude mae Maelchon, the Pictish King, fell in love with a captured Scottish warrior and helped him to escape. Together they fled westwards to Dai Raida. As they rowed towards the young warrior’s home on the shores of Loch Indaal, a terrible storm lashed their boat, sending it crashing against the rocks.

The young Scot’s clansmen found only splintered wreckage of the boat and no trace of the lovers. But a pair of white gulls soared and swooped together across the loch, settling neither on the western nor eastern shore, as if torn between the two.

This legend endures, and today, before a storm. the Bowmore Distillery echoes to the haunted cry of a pair of gulls.”

More information about the Bowmore Whisky Distillery Click Here

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