Chateau du Tariquet VS Bas-Armagnac


Appellation Bas-Armagnac Controlee

40% ABV   70cl

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Chateau du Tariquet VS Bas-Armagnac.

From South west France, Gers west of Toulouse.

Grape Varieties : Ugni-blanc 60% Baco 40%.

Chateau du Tariquet VS Bas-Armagnac Tasting Notes;

Colour;  amber shade of antique gold.

Nose;  initially suggestions of freshly baked bread and light toffee.

A gentle swirl reveals a gentle warmth that intensifies, leading to notes of candied angelica.

Palate; bold and youthful, with a touch of vanilla, suffused with the heat of distillation and the youth of roasted oak.

Summary; A brandy full of supple tenderness.

The Grassa family moved to the Chateau du Tariquet in 1912, a location where fine eaux-de-via has been made since 1683.

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