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Blended Scotch Whisky

One off Limited Edition of only 1840 bottles

46% ABV   75cl

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Compass Box Great King Street New York Blend

This Compass Box Great King Street New York Blend is a  one-off, limited release of 1,840 bottles. Bottled in August of 2012.

The New York Blend is Limited Edition created especially for this famous city. It is inspired by the origins of Scotch whisky in the US in the late nineteenth century and recipes from this Golden Age of blending, reinterpreted in a Compass Box style.

Compass Box Great King Street New York Blend Distillery Sourcing :-

20% Lowland grain whisky
80% Malt whisky from the regions of Islay, the Highlands and Speyside.
While a quarter of the recipe is from heavy-peated single malts, mostly from Islay.

New York 1894

1894 was a pivotal year in the history of Scotch whisky in New York. This

was the year a bartender named Patrick J. Duffy asked his local wine & spirit

distributor, Park & Tilford, of Broadway and 22nd Street in New York City, to

consider importing cased goods of Scotch whisky. Until this time, Scotch whisky

was brought into the United States mainly in bulk casks rather than branded

bottles. It was Mr Duffy’s initiative that precipitated the development of the

Scotch whisky industry in the U.S. as we know it today.

To honour this moment in New York history, Compass Box created this limited release

Great King Street whisky, based on an actual recipe from this time period. Back then,

Blended Scotch featured much higher proportions of malt whisky than recipes of

today. The New York Blend aligns perfectly with their desire for Great King Street to offer

different blends for different regions, people and tastes.

It is a hearty, full-flavoured style of Scotch whisky with notes of smoke, dried

fruits and malty complexity, just as they would have enjoyed in 1894.

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