Compass Box The Peat Monster Blended Malt whisky 46% 70cl

Compass Box The Peat Monster Blended Malt whisky 46% 70cl


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Type: Vatted Malt (a blend of single malts from different distilleries)

Creators of Hand Crafted, Small Batch Scotch Whiskies in Distinctive & Original Styles

Compass Box is a specialist Scotch whisky company that are devoted to making some of Scotland’s premier whiskies through the art of blending.

Origonaly refered to as a Vatted Malt or Pure Malt now classed as a Blended Malt

Compass Box The Peat Monster Blended Malt whisky 46% Tasting Notes:

The aroma is a highly aromatic combination of fruit, spice and marine peatiness in the form of a beach bonfire.

Adding water brings out aromas that remind you of burning ropes and a touch of iodine.

In the mouth it is very full on the palate, rich and loaded with flavour: a bacon-fat smokiness, full-blown peat, a maltiness, hints of fruit and spice.

The finish goes on seemingly forever, echoing peat and smoke for several minutes after you’ve had a sip.

Lead Distilleries: Caol Ila, 10 & 11 years-old; Ardmore, 12-17 years-old
Casks: First Refill American oak, ex-bourbon.

Bottling Details: 46%, not chill filtered, natural colour.

Drinking Recommendations: More of an after dinner and into-the-late-hours-of-the-evening-type of whisky.

Drink it neat or with a few splashes of (bottled, preferably) water.

Excellent with certain kinds of blue vein cheeses.

John’s Notes: This one’s for the real peat heads, and for lovers of complex, multi-layered malt whisky. What makes it fit into the Compass Box house style is the balance of richness and subtle sweetness that the old casks of Ardmore provide to the smoky-peaty Caol Ila. As with all our whiskies, several months of marrying allow all the flavours of each of the whiskies to knit together to form what is our biggest and most complex offering. Not over the top, (that’s just not our style), but big, complex and balanced.

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