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Highland Dry Gin

43.8% ABV   70cl

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Crossbill Gin is a small batch Scottish Highland Dry Gin containing 100% Scottish Botanicals.

Crossbill Gin is a dry handcrafted gin with fresh Highland Juniper, Rosehip and crystal clear Speyside water.

Produced at the Crossbill Distillery Inshirach, Aviemore, Scotland. Featured on Chanel 4 Shed of the Year 2015.

Originally Scotland’s Juniper was a export to Holland for use in Dutch Jenever a old traditional Gin derivative. Crossbill’s founder Jonathan was captured by the idea of reviving Scottish juniper harvesting to produce gin.

Jonathan searched the highlands, for juniper in forests and glens, and perfected a technique for distilling the Scottish variety. However he had difficulty in finding enough juniper to produce more than a few bottles of gin.  Until a chance meeting at a highland inn brought Jonathan to Inshriach, a remote forest in the Cairngorms where juniper thrives.

Five years on this has become home to Crossbill Gin, and after much effort the long awaited first harvest produced a small but perfectly formed batch of gin. It sold out within days!

Since then the company has been working on cultivating a sustainable wild juniper supply.  The micro distillery sits in the middle of the forest that means the very local juniper can be in the still within 5 minutes of picking. Every year they only release small batches, in harmony with the way the juniper is growing.  Each as distinct as the harvest that is picked by hand. Every temperature change, every drop of rain is captured to create a truly unique taste.

Crossbill Gin Distillery Awards.

2015 Gin Distillery wins Channel Four Shed of the year.

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