Dalwhinnie Winters Gold Malt Whisky


Highland  region.
43%Abv, 70cl.

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Dalwhinnie Winters Gold Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Highland Region. 43% 70cl.

The Dalwhinnie  Malt Whisky Distillery is  set in the central Highlands. Known as the highest and coldest distillery. The exposed mountain pasture location offers no shelter from the winters icy winds. Snow blankets the distillery for half the year. However the harsh conditions can bring the sweetest of rewards.

Dalwhinnie Winters Gold is made up from whisky spirit distilled between October and March. Heart of the Scottish Winter as the snow falls, the air is crisp and sharp from the frost. The cold copper intensifies the spirit and unfolds the rich deep character. As the winter intensifies the spirit becomes gentler and warmer.

Dalwhinnie Winters Gold Tasting Notes:

Resulting in a golden whisky with a smooth honeyed taste. Hints of spice mingling with soft heather notes.

Finish, as heart warming as the winters are bleak.

This is a Light & Delicate Whisky. Also can be classed as a soft fruity creamy whisky. See what other drams we have that may take your fancy try our whisky by taste selection.

More information about the Dalwhinnie Whisky Distillery Click Here

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