Diplomatico Reserva Venezuelan Rum 40% 70cl


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Diplomatico Reserva Venezuelan Rum.

40%ABV,  70cl.

Ron Diplomatico Reserva extra aged rare rum selection from Venezuela.

A combination of pot still and continuous still rums.

Diplomático Reserva is an extraordinary blend of rums ageing for up to eight years. It is a great balance of complex pot still rums and light column still rums, with all the pot still rums being distilled from sugar cane honeys.

Skilfully brought together in a complex and slow production process that gives Diplomatico its tasty and aromatic characteristics.


Colour: dark golden.
Nose: plum, oak, nuts and vanilla aromas stand out.
Mouth: clear traces of dried fruit, wood and vanilla giving this rum an extraordinary balance and a long lasting finish.


This rum is the ideal ingredient for sophisticated cocktails like Mai Tai, Mulata, Presidente.

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