Dumbarton Inverleven Stills Single Malt Whisky



16 year old Single Malt Whisky from the

Closed Lowland Distillery of Dumbarton

Cadenheads Authentic Collection Bottling

58.5% ABV  70cl

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Product Description

Dumbarton Inverleven Stills Single Malt Whisky

A very rare bottling of Dumbarton Inverleven Stills Single Malt Whisky aged 16 years and bottled by Cadenhead’s as part of their Authentic Collection.

Distilled in 1987 at the now closed Lowland Dumbarton Distillery using the Inverleven Malt Stills.

Bottled in October 2003.

Wood Type : Bourbon Hogshead.

Total Number of Bottles : 258.

Inverleven Malt Whisky Distillery History.

The Inverleven was a distillery within a distillery constructed as part of the Dumbarton Grain Distillery (1938) by Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd and operated under license by George Ballantine & Son Ltd.

The malt whisky is classified as a Lowlander whisky despite the fact that the distillery straddles the old political Highland line.

Situated next to the column still buildings producing  grain whisky. There were two pot still houses that produced the malt whisky.  The first building with a conventional pair of pot stills set up for producing Inverleven.

In the second building  a Lomond still with rectifiers,  installed in 1959, that produced the ‘Lomond’ malt.

Both malt still houses closed in 1991. The Dumbarton grain distillery closed in 2002.

More information about the Inverleven Whisky Distillery Click Here.


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