Echlinville Irish Pot Still Gin


Single Estate

Irish Pot Still Gin

46% ABV   50cl

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Echlinville Irish Pot Still Gin

From the Lecale Peninsula in Northern Ireland comes the country’s first premium single-estate pot still gin.

Echlinville Distillery grow the barley used for the base spirit on the estate and it’s malted on a farm close by.

To give it a unique flavour they’ve chosen local botanicals, such as gorse bush petals and Strangford Lough seaweed.

The result is a gin with the essence of the land and sea.

Echlinville Irish Pot Still Gin Serving Suggestions :-

If you prefer a gin cocktail then try it with elderflower tonic, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint, as Echlinville suggest, or just sip it neat.

There’s a hint of the homegrown barley on the nose along with fresh floral and citrus notes.

While in the mouth the gin has anise and lavender flavours that make way for juniper and coriander notes. Sweetness carries on throughout, with a malt character and creamy mouthfeel seldom found in modern gins.

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