Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve Liqueur


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Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve.

35%Abv, 70cl.

Kentucky Liqueur.
The smoothness of Evan Williams Bourbon with a hot Cinnamon taste.

This seriously good cinnamon infused Bourbon takes the term fire in your belly to a whole new level. It’s got the hot cinnamon taste you love, with just the right amount of smooth Kentucky Bourbon blended in. 70 Proof with a light copper color.

Try it as a shot to get the party started, enjoy it on the rocks, or mix it with hard cider, cola, or Dr. Pepper®.

Cinnamon Infused.
Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve Tasting Notes.

Colour; Light copper.
Nose; Spicey cinnamon & melon notes.
Taste; Sweet honeyed cinnamon building in spiciness.
Finish; Warming & delicate.

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