Famous Grouse Highland Decanter


Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky bottled in

Wade Decanter Gilded with 24 Carat Gold

40% ABV  70cl

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Famous Grouse Highland Decanter

Famous Grouse Scotch Blended Whisky in The Famous Grouse Highland Decanter genuine Wade porcelain gilded in 24 Carat Gold.

This discontinued Famous Grouse Highland decanter depicts the Red Grouse in its natural habitat in ‘Summer in the Highlands’ by the Scottish Artist Stanley Todd.

Please note tear to the inside flap of box lid (not visible when closed) shown in additional picture.

Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky – Mathew Gloag & Son History.
The Grocer and wine merchant Mathew Gloag & Son was founded in Perth in 1800. Quickly adding whiskies to his range. Buying directly from various highland distilleries they built up a reputation in both wines and whisky.

In 1842 Mathew Gloag & Son supplies the wine for a banquet held in honour of Queen Victoria on her first visit to Perth.

During 1860 the business passed to Mathew’s son, William B Gloag, who started control blending whiskies. The company is passed onto his nephew, Mathew Gloag in 1896.

When Mathew takes over he creates a blended whisky called the Grouse brand.

Mathew’s daughter Phillippa draws the Red grouse that is to become the world famous label and trademark.

By 1905 the whisky has become so popular and is referred to as the famous grouse that Mathew decides to add the word ”Famous” to the name so “The Famous Grouse” brand is born.

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