Glen Flagler 100% Pot Still Malt Whisky



Closed and Demolished Lowland Distillery

100% Pot Still Scotch Whisky

70 Proof    26 2/3 Fl.oz

(40% ABV  75cl)

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Glen Flagler 100% Pot Still Malt Whisky

This very rare Single Malt Whisky is from the demolished Lowland distillery of Glen Flagler.


Glen Flagler 100% Pot Still Malt Whisky Distillery History

This distillery has one of the shortest life spans of all Scotland’s distilleries.  

 Inver House (Then a subsidiary of Publicker Industries Philadelphia) constructed Glen Flagler distillery within the Moffat grain distillery site at Airdire.

While this was a new build distillery complex on the site of the former Moffat paper mill. It consisted of 32 warehouses, a cooperage, blending and bottling plants, plus the large Moffat maltings when built, claimed to be the largest commercial maltings in Europe. These malting were later sold to Associated British Maltsters in 1978.  

The complex had five continuous stills producing neutral spirit and a grain whisky called Garnheath.  Also two pairs of pot stills, each producing their own malt whiskies – Glen Flagler and Killyloch

While Killyloch ceased production in the early 1970’s, Glen Flagler (1985) and Garnheath (1986) followed a decade later. Eventually both were closed down and dismantled.

As a result this long gone official distillery bottling from a demolished distillery has great potential as an investment whisky

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