Glen Grant 170th Anniversary Limited Edition



Speyside Single Malt Whisky

Glen Grant 170th Anniversary 1840 – 2010

46% ABV   70cl

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Glen Grant 170th Anniversary Limited Edition

To celebrate the 170th anniversary of uncompromising and passionate whiskey making, Glen Grant distiller Dennis Malcolm has created a very special whiskey.

The ‘Unique Selection of the Finest Vintage’ is the fusion of Glen Grants most valuable single malt vintages, carefully selected to create a highly unique whiskey. This outstanding single malt is not cold-filtered and its 46% vol. unfold the tempting soft, fruity and rich flavor for which Glen Grant is known for, perfect.

Glen Grant 170th Anniversary Limited Edition Tasting Notes :-

Nose   : Rich raisin aroma with a soft, delicate, fruity-creamy vanilla note.
Palate : Creamy, richly fruited with hints of peat smoke.
Finish : Intense long lingering finish.

In conclusion this rare Limited Edition falls int two categories,  Soft, fruity, creamy. Also, Rich and fruity.

For more on Glen Grant Distillery History.

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