Glen Mist Whisky Liqueur


Whisky Liqueur

35% ABV   70cl

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Glen Mist Whisky Liqueur.

35% ABV 70cl

Obsolete bottle of Glen Mist whisky liqueur.

From the Glen Mist liqueur Co London. Made with 100% Scotch Whisky.

Produced and bottled in Great Britain by Hallgarten Wines limited, at the time of production were Wine and Spirits Merchants and Exporters. Carkers Lane, Highgate Road, London.  Their best known product.

In the immediate post war period shortages of the essential ingredients. Whisky, honey and sugar led to production being moved to the Republic of Ireland.

However the Glen Mist was repatriated in 1963 and produced to  a Peter Hallgarten recipe.

They also produced Old Sloop, Royal Vat and Savermo.


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