Glen Moray 10 year old Whisky


Chardonnay Cask Matured

 Speyside Single Malt Whisky Distillery Bottling

40%  70cl

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Glen Moray 10 year old Whisky

Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky aged for 10 years.

Full maturation in Chardonnay Wine Casks, giving this soft, fruity whisky even more depth of character.

Glen Moray 10 year old Whisky Tasting Notes Style

Colour:    Old Gold.

Nose :      Light and fresh with delicate fruit and malt, grassy with hints of apple, pear drops, fresh key lime pie and bubblegum fading to a cinnamon sugar aroma.

Palate :    Light and smooth. Well balanced with oak, vanilla, malt, citrus fruits. Carmelised fruit and butterscotch. An elegant whisky with soft mouthfeel and taste befitting this meeting of Speyside and Chardonny.

Finish :    Long delicate but complex. A nutty vanilla comes bursting out with a soft cinnamon spice culminating in a gentle floral finish. Lingering notes of toasted oak.

This is a Soft Fruity Whisky. See what other tipples we have that may take your fancy try our whisky by taste selection.

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