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Hendricks Gin.

41.4%Abv, 70cl.

Small Batch, Handcrafted Gin with essence of cucumber. Distilled and bottled in Scotland.


Juniper Berries, Yarrow, Elderflower, Angelica Root, Caraway, Coriander,  Cubeb Berries, Orris root and Lemon.


No other gin tastes like Hendrick’s because no other gin is made like Hendrick’s.

The  gin is infused with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers.

Hendricks Gin Awards;

The Global Design Masters,2014. Master  Gin.

The Gin Masters (The Spirits Business), 2014. Contemporary, Gold. and Super Premium, Silver

International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2014. Gin – Contemporary Styles, Silver Outstanding

International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2013. Gin Contemporary Styles, Silver Outstanding.

International Spirits Challenge, 2013. Distilled Premium Gin, Bronze.

The Wall Street Journal described Hendrick’s as the “Best Gin in the World” in 2003

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