Highland Park 12 year old Round Bottle 1 Litre

Highland Park 12 year old Round Bottle 1 Litre



Single Malt Whisky

Old Style Presentation


40% ABV   100cl

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This Highland Park 12 year old Round Bottle probably dates from the 2000’s before the flat bottle.

Location; Island region,  Isle of Orkney. On the southern edge of the town of Kirkwall.
Water Source, Local Springs.

Highland Park 12 year old Round Bottle Single Malt Whisky.

Old Style round bottle in a square box of Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Orkney Islands.

Distillery original bottle the box has scuffing to the back.

Highland Park Malt Whisky Distillery History.

Records show a illicit still established in the area, in the 1790’s by Magnus Eunson. Who was linked to illicit distilling and smuggling.

Robert Borwick, a Kirkwall merchant, in 1825 decided to set up his distillery in this same area  known, as Highland Park.

The property belonged to a John Robertson, the Excise Officer who had arrested Magnus Eunson some years earlier.

Served by two strong springs of crystal clear water fed by a pool at Cattie Maggie’s at Greenvale.

On 18 August 1826, he acquired the land rights together with the distillery, malt barn, and ‘whole other buildings’ from John Robertson.

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