Highland Park Capella



Orkney Single Malt Whisky

Limited Edition of only 5400 bottles in total

40% ABV   70cl

Please note : Box creased in a number of places, refer to photo

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Product Description

Highland Park Capella Special Edition

Highland Park Capella was selected by Fabio, Letizia and Angela Chicocchetti, Domenico’s son and daughters. This exceptional variant of Highland Park contains a mix of exquisite, old and very rare whiskies. Cappella is rich and full on the nose, with whispers of exotic spices, grapefruit and sandalwood. To taste it is full flavoured, with a smoky palate, soft oak and a heather honey sweetness characteristic of Highland Park. The finish is long and surprisingly sweet.

Between the years of 1942 and 1945 Camp 60, on the little island of Lamb Holm on Orkney, was home to approximately 550 Italian prisoners of war. This team worked by day on the construction of the Churchill Barriers, a series of causeways linking the southern islands of Orkney together, but by night they worked on improving their camp. They built concrete paths and gardens, complete with flower beds and vegetable plots, and they even worked to produce a theatre and a recreation hut. But one thing Camp 60 lacked was a chapel. In late 1943 they were gifted two Nissan huts, joined end to end and from this they crafted the Italian Chapel, often referred to as the “Miracle of Camp 60”.

The Illustration shown on the carton and label of Highland Park Capella is taken from an original painting by Domenico Chicchetti. In 1995, shortly after his last visit to Orkney, Domenico Chioccehetti painted a winter scene in which he set The Italian Chapel against a backdrop of Dolomites, the view enjoyed for his home village of Moena.

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