Highland Park Thor Valhalla Collection Malt Whisky

Highland Park Thor Valhalla Collection Malt Whisky


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Highland Park Thor Valhalla Collection Malt Whisky.

16 year old 52.1%Abv, 70cl.

The first of the four Valhalla collection of whiskies (The others are Loki, Freya, Odin,)  from the Highland Park Distillery.

Highland Park Thor has a natural strength like its namesake. Drawing influence from the environment unique to Orkney, to create a truly elemental spirit.

Distilled where sea turns to ocean. This 16 year-old single malt is a meeting point of nature’s forces.

Exuding a dynamic and bold character on the surface, but with an unexpected softer side at its heart.

Bottled at a robust 52.1% abv this limited edition whisky comes housed in a unique wooden frame.

Which echoes the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship.

Highland Park Thor Valhalla Collection Tasting Notes;

Nose: aromatic smoke, pungent fresh ginger, antique copper, stewed plums, and golden syrup.

With water, earthy notes emerge, like a garden after a heavy rain shower.

Palate:  Initially dry, with fiery gingerbread then vanilla, blackberries, fresh mango, peach and hints of cinnamon.

As its big flavours swirl around the mouth, some softer, sweeter notes develop, unexpected layer of complexity and depth.

Finish:  lingering notes of sweet vanilla and an intense spiciness.

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