Hooting Owl Gin


Small Batch Signature

London Dry Gin

42% ABV   70cl

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Product Description

Hooting Owl Gin

Hooting Owl Gin Signature is a small batch London Dry Gin hand crafted at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.

This small batch artisan distillery uses traditional copper stills to produce its London Dry Gins.

The Signature Gin has 16 botanicals that give it its unique flavour, and the handcrafting gives it a purity and smoothness that is both mellow and full of flavour.

The making of Hooting Owl Gin

First of all the botanicals are steeped in a neutral spirit for 12 hours, this releases the oils which contain the flavour.

Most noteworthy, unlike other distillers the gin is then cut 10 times during the distillation process. As a result an exceptionally smooth gin is created with a unique character.

Hooting Owl Gin Signature Tasting Notes :-

As in all true gins, the taste explosion starts with Juniper, followed by the citrus notes of the bitter orange and grapefruit. While the earthiness of the mountain ash are all complimented by the sweetness of the liquorice and cassia bark. Finally a spicy finish thanks to the cubeb and grains of paradise.

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