Ichiros Malt for Isetan Department Store


Japanese Blended Whisky

Houou-Uhi bottled for Isetan Department Store

46.5% ABV   70cl

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Ichiros Malt Isetan Department Store.

Ichiros Japanese Malt whisky originally bottled exclusively for Isetan Department Store.

This whisky is reputed to contain very rare 12 and 20 year old malt whiskies from the closed Hanyu Distillery.

Also very old 30, 32 and 35 year old single grain whiskies from the closed Kawasaki Distillery.

Hanyu Whisky Distillery History.

in 1941 Isouji Akuto, the 19th generation of the Akuto family. Built a distillery in Hanyu city, northwest of Tokyo. To produce alcohol obtaining an alcohol licence in 1946.  In 2000 production stopped and the distillery dismantled in 2004.

Kawasaki Distillery.

Established in the Kawasaki district of Tokyo in 1935. This was a small distillery with a reputation for producing quality grain whisky. Became part of the Mercian group  taken over in 2006 by  Kirin Holdings. Who had no interest in whisky subsequently closed.

Isetan is a Japanese department store. Based in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Isetan has branches throughout Japan and East Asia. On April 1, 2008, Isetan and Mitsukoshi merged under a joint holding company called Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

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