Jim Beam Maple 35% 70cl


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Jim Beam Maple Bourbon Liqueur.

35%ABV, 70cl.

Limited Edition Maple liqueur from the makers of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey.

Made with genuine bourbon.

Jim Beam maple contains all the pride of the Beam family’s 200 year history. The expert distillers have created a liqueur infused with the worlds finest bourbon and maple flavours.

The result is a perfect balance of robust Bourbon notes and sweet brown maple, with a rich, smooth finish.

Enjoy chilled or on the rocks.

Jim Beam History

In the late 18th Century, the Beam (Boehm)  family who originated from Germany, farmer and miller Jacob Beam travelled west into Kentucky, subsequently setting up a corn mill and small-scale distillery. Around 1795 Jacob Beam sells his first barrel of whiskey which laid the foundation for Jim Beam® bourbon.

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