Johnnie Walker Gold Label



18 year old 

Blended Scotch Whisky Discontinued Bottling

43%   75cl

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Discontinued 18 year old Johnnie Walker Gold Label

A skillful blend of rare aged malts are used to create the indulgent flavour of Johnnie Walker Gold Label.
Inspired by the notes of Sir Alexander Walker who created the original blend in 1920 to mark the birthday of his grandfather John Walker.
The combination of rare and exclusive single malt whiskies from a handful of Scotland’s most respected distilleries.

All more than 18 years old. Make this a silky honeyed blend.
Rich expansive and distinctly creamy.
Smooth and silky with hints of raisin, toffee and honey.
Delicate notes of vanilla, honey, malt and dried fruit can be intensified by chilling before drinking and allowing the glass to warm in the hand.

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